The Future

by tophtucker

3D printing, drones everywhere, computers and phones that work better faster longer (batteries), medicine, cure the common cold, cure cancer, GM foods that are actually like crazy healthy and delicious, education, monorails, non-disruptive supersonic transportion, automated infrastructure, cheap pervasive sensors, no more paper forms, a new kind of spreadsheet, efficient labor markets, more robust electrical grid, grid-scale storage, metamaterials or whatever crazy materials science stuff, water purifiers, climate control, street thug surveillance, better automatic data backup, durable data storage, parallel processing architectures, search engines for your life, a replacement for passwords, lifelogging, quantified self, natural language interfaces for everything, automatic translation, data portability and APIs, decent DRM or the eradication thereof, better intellectual property, structured data extraction, open scholarship, sense rehabilitation (sight/sound), prosthetics, gene therapy, selective abortions, domesticated pandas, recycle everything, cheap space cargo transport, space debris fix, a replacement for GPS, next-gen bicycles, smarter gyms, a new kind of math, better economic indicators and finance models, better climate models, efficient solar, safe nuclear, NEO detection/deflection, an arsenal of last-resort geoengineering tools, terraforming, hurricane suppressants, tornado dispersers, better radiation cleanup, the successor to democracy.

Thanks to Aaron Wolf for feedback.