A silly little thought: choices as worthless

by tophtucker

If it’s an easy choice, it can hardly be called a choice. Choices are bifurcation points in the mind, where dependence on your mental processes is especially sensitive. “Choice” is spontaneous symmetry breaking.

So the real choices are all hard. Choice happens at the margin, on the knife’s edge. The scale is balanced. If you have two choices, you will be wrong 50% of the time — if three, 33%, etc. — or else it was not a real choice. In that sense, choices are worthless.

We smile on those whose choices turn out well, and on their choices. That doesn’t mean we smile on those who make good choices. There’s no such thing.

There are people with good circumstances. People with good bodies. Good hearts, good biceps, good brains. But there are not good choices.